The Studio Abuja, Nigeria - School Partnership Program
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The studio Abuja

School Partnership Program

OVERVIEW: We are pleased to offer our well-qualified and experienced team from the Performing Arts School/The Studio to instruct performing arts and other extra-curricular classes at your institution. Please review this packet for descriptions of the courses we offer. Each class will be instructed according to the weekly syllabus, which will be provided upon agreement. Our customs and code of ethics will always be carried with us while working with you. We expect frequent evaluations from you and your clients to ensure we maintain quality standards and meet your expectations. We are excited to work with you!

Benefits of outsourcing

1. You can focus on your core mission- academic classes and leave the hassle to us.
2. We invest heavily in our curriculums and they are of global standards with a results-driven approach.
3. You’ll be provided the best quality with the highest skilled talent and quality resources.
4. You’ll have access to our wide education network.
5. You’ll be working with a brand name in this field- we’ve been doing this for years and our service is consistent.

What you get

1. 2x week classes
2. Customized t-shirts for each student at the end of the class
3. Professional photographs of each child in action
4. Recital planning and execution- we will organize your recitals each semester for parents to come watch their children perform

Next Steps


Once we you a little bit about your goals and the courses you would like us to teach, we’ll share a detailed price list with you.


We’ll then share detailed course syllabus (you may also share this with parents), establish course schedule(s), and introduce your teacher(s) before beginning classes.