Classes - The Studio Abuja
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Ballet & Modern Dance

This class teaches beginner ballet and modern dance skills. Emphasis will be placed on special dance terminology and their appropriate movements. Your child will learn the poise and elegance associated with this form of dancing. Classes will begin with stretches and warm-ups, then barre exercises followed by across the floor movements. Each child will be taught the importance of stretching and barre exercises as it relates to developing skills. Children will learn to listen to the rhythm of music and count to it. Children will also get to explore their own creative movements and begin to learn and create short choreographed dances.

The studio Abuja ballet
The studio Abuja hip hop


This class focuses on hip-hop dance steps with the collaboration of other dance forms as they relate to hip-hop. This form of dance combines the elements of other dance forms such as tap dancing, break dancing, cultural dance and more. Hip-Hop dance allows children to have the most fun moving their bodies while being active. Each class will begin with stretches and warm-ups and will consist of group work, freestyling and lots of choreography. Each child will be taught the importance of stretching and flexibility as it relates to developing skills. Children will learn to listen to the rhythm of music and count to it. Children will also get to explore their own creative movements, learn and create short choreographed dances, all while listening to exciting, age-appropriate music.

Creative Workshop

This is the class for all things creative! Children will participate in age appropriate activities ranging from creative writing, poetry (acrostic, haikus, etc.), to arts and crafts (paper mosaic, paper marché, pottery) and painting. Children will learn the power of the imagination and explore various forms of art in a competition-free zone. We work with students on projects that merge personal interests with artistic skills.

The studio Abuja art
The Studio Abuja karate


This class ranges from basic to advanced development of karate skills, including self-esteem, and confidence building. Each class also consists of interactive drills and activities designed to teach traditional techniques and concepts of this martial art. The age appropriate and always really fun martial arts curriculum at this age includes wrestling/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, blocking, punching, kicking, take-downs, and self-defense moves. Children will also learn freestyle martial arts forms (a sequenced pattern of moves.) Forms are a great medium to develop focus, self-regulation, and body-breath-brain connection.


This class will allow children to break out of their shells and express themselves in exciting ways. They will learn to sing, dance, act while also learning about significant plays, act full scenes, and build a repertoire of Musical Theater knowledge to last a lifetime. Acting is a great tool to build confidence, self esteem, and poise. In this class actors play games, learn how to walk, talk, and listen on the stage. Improv, small scenes, and monologues will be explored but FUN is the first priority. Stage direction, self expression, and singing are just a few of the skills that they will practice weekly. Through imagination, role play, storytelling, movement and song. This class is the perfect way for young children to have fun and explore theatre!

The studio Abuja singing
The studio Abuja instruments

Music & Instruments

From music reading, to vocal training, to playing various musical instruments, your child will enjoy every minute of this class. Children will learn to read music, understand symbols and time, as well as have fun! This class will work on proper vocal technique and breath support as well as expression and interpretation of the lyrics. This class provides beginner training on instruments ranging from keyboard/piano, to guitar, drums, and recorder. Sessions include ear training, solfege singing, note reading, composing, and solo and ensemble playing.